What types of payment do you accept?
Care Credit, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, debit cards, checks under 500.00, and cash. Full payment is due when services are rendered.

Can you provide an estimate for a particular service?
Yes, please call 817-481-2014 or email [email protected].

What types of animals can be boarded?
Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals and most other exotics. Please call 817-481-2014 for rates and availability. Reservations are required. For complete boarding guidelines, please see our Boarding page. Printable forms and guidelines are available on our Forms page.

Do you offer drop-off appointments?
Yes, we offer a drop-off service to our clients to help insure that pets with serious health problems or injuries can still receive care and treatment when we have no appointments available. This service is also available as a convenience to owners who may not be able to schedule a visit during appointment times that are available. Please call 817-481-2014 to check on drop-off availability.

I found an injured animal. What do I do?
Please see our Wildlife Rehabilitation page. Southlake Animal Hospital only accepts reptiles, birds of prey, and wild migratory waterfowl for rehabilitation due to the volume of calls and our limited hospital space, time, and funding. It is our goal, however, to provide direction to outside Wildlife Rehabilitators who can offer excellent care for other animals. Rehabilitators are not paid for their work or supplies, so we greatly appreciate donations to our rehabilitation fund. Your donations help defer some of the high cost of wildlife rehabilitation that must otherwise be directly absorbed by Southlake Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, your contribution is not tax deductible as Southlake Animal Hospital is a business and not a non-profit organization. Thank you for caring about wildlife!

Can I use an online supplier for medication?
We strongly discourage the purchase of flea, tick, and other medications from outside sources for quality control purposes and to be in compliance with the manufacturer's guarantee. However, if you choose to purchase from an online supplier, we still require that the patient have a current exam within the year. These items are by prescription only: Hill's Prescription Diet, Advantage II, Advantage Multi, Frontline Gold, Heartgard, and Simparica. We also carry a number of other over the counter products such as reptile lightbulbs, avian lightbulbs, gram scales, Carefresh bedding, etc.

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